Why Coulson

Why Choose the Coulson Institute?

The Coulson Institute provides training in Myofunctional Therapy (also known as Oral Myology) across the world. Sandra is a clinical professor for the University of Behavior Health Sciences since 2017.

Typically students of the Coulson Institute come from the following groups of health care professionals:

  • Dentists
  • Dental Hygienists
  • Oral Health Therapists
  • Speech Pathologists
  • Osteopaths
  • Breathing practitioners
  • and other Allied Health Professionals

Students come to learn from Sandra Coulson because of her caring, warm and direct nature and teaching style. Sandra "leaves nothing on the court" when she teaches and is passionate, committed and driven to share the work that has helped her shape the mouths (and sometimes lives) of the people she works with in practice and in her work as an educator.

See an overview of her work by watching the presentation. 

Perhaps though, it is best left to the voices of others to express why you should consider the Coulson Institute for training in Oral Myology. 



I have one adult case with severe tongue tie that affects the periodontal condition around lower anteriors with severe lingual recession due to such tight tongue tether, which makes it extremely hard to maintain good oral hygiene, I urged him to have tongue tie release from hygienist point of view. We started on OM prior to release, the maximum opening with tongue on the spot was 5 mm and after 3 sessions it is now 12mm, I mean that's before release, amazing and the patient reports more flexibility already with the tongue, and the tip pops are so much louder as well. For the first time I could see the tongue stretching to the spot. The patient is a 58 y.o.,and has always lived with that tongue glued to the floor. I'm already extremely grateful to be able to help someone and to be part of a rehabilitation journey! Thanks to your wonderful course.


Thank you guys SO MUCH for letting me shadow the practice and learn about many things! Sandra I will look forward to your future courses, I'm forever grateful!

Love Carly

Hi Sandy! I just wanted to thank you for an incredible course last week! We are back and working full steam ahead into helping our patients with what you have taught us. We still want you to move to our townhouse so that we can tap dance with you every night!


Sandra, You and your presentation are so inspirational and your energy is magnetic! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!


Thank you …. It was inspiring and opened our eyes to new possibilities.


It has been such a wonderful experience! I love the way Sandra gives of herself to us, and of her heart towards making a difference in the lives of others. I am deeply grateful and I can’t wait to start!


Loved Sandra’s course!! So functional with incredible outcomes for my patients! Would HIGHLY recommend!!


For those who took Sandra Coulson’s course recently you will agree with this comment from one of her grateful students……..I have been practicing Orofacial Myology for over 20 years and have had good success for the most part. I say this, taking into consideration those occasional patients who chose not to devote the time and energy necessary to correct their specific problems! Also, I have run into difficulties toward the end of my therapy program when I thought the patient had everything worked well, yet the swallow was still not correcting like I thought it should be. What had gone wrong? I now know I was not offering as individualized a program as I should have been, and I was working out of sequence. The therapy techniques I was originally taught were based on a set of exercises given at each appointment, i.e., Lesson 1, Lesson 2, etc. I followed this protocol, skipping the parts that the patient could already do with ease. I thought, even way back then, that the lessons seemed to be somewhat “cookie cutter”. I altered the lessons but still stuck to the basic premise that therapy should be:

A. Correct the tongue tip placement first,

B. Move to the middle placement of the tongue

C. End with the posterior tongue placement; then move on to water and food swallows.

I am not disrespecting the teachers I had; on the contrary, they set the standard and advanced knowledge about orofacial myology! Many therapy approaches are still segmented in a way that makes integration and habituation difficult or impossible. I was becoming more convinced every day that by using a number of exercise combinations is a sequential progression, the final outcome of maximizing the patient’s abilities and stabilization of their problem areas could occur. It is just over the past few years, working with Sandra, that I have come to rethinking the therapy process:

Forget about lessons and just create what each patient needs from scratch, based on the thorough oral examination, consultation, and observations along the way. Now, depending on what goal I set for them, I may need to have a prescribed number of repetitions in order for them to achieve their target. This tactic works well if I’m trying to improve an area of weakness that I have found during my evaluation. Sometimes I use activities and exercises to gain correct postures or enable the ability to make rapid movements like those needed for the chew/suck/swallow process. With these, the patient doesn’t need a set number of exercises practiced 3 times a day. Instead, they need to demonstrate at the next lesson the ability to perform with ease, rapidity and consistency. What I have described is Sandra’s course in a nutshell. I may be “preaching to the choir” to many of you who already embrace this practice but to those who don’t, I hope a new way of thinking about therapy will emerge for you after considering this innovative and very effective method.

Believe me, you will be tapped into a new vision, a new way of looking at therapy and, I guarantee, a new excitement for this incredible field!

Derek Mahony

You wowed everyone with your presentation. You're right, pictures tell the story much better about the results you are able to achieve than trying to describe them. The symptoms you treat are ones we laypersons don't normally see or think about, until we see someone with those symptoms because the appearance is not normal. Your results are amazing, and clearly life changing to make the persons appearance more acceptable so they don't have to face those negative reactions. You are blessed to be doing such rewarding work.

I think you also address issues that afflict many of us as we age. I'm thinking of snoring, sleep apnea, double chin, teeth, wrinkles and baldness. Well, maybe not all of those, but some. Maybe a follow-up talk would be in order to let us know what we might do for self help, and what might be appropriate for a private appointment with you.

Everyone was impressed with what you are able to do to help people. Thank you for sharing.

You are a treasure.


Melody's Story
The following is part of a personal letter from a patient of Sandra Coulson asking her to ensure she keep teaching this work. Melody was sent home with a very poor prognosis, however the family never lost hope, please read on:

...We took Melody to see a practitioner, Sandra Coulson, who does orofacial myology. This changed her life (and ours as well). Within one week, we were seeing Melody working less to breathe while sleeping. After a couple of weeks we could observe no apnea while she was sleeping. We have a very high quality pulse ox, and the numbers for her oxygen levels astounded us. She used to be in the 70’s while sleeping without oxygen. Within one week of seeing Sandra her oxygen levels while sleeping were about 89. Those numbers have steadily increased since then. Now she is typically about 94-95 without oxygen while sleeping, and that number seems to keep rising. Frequently, by morning her oxygen levels are about 96-98. Melody sleeps in a crib in our room and I find it immensely comforting to hear the quiet sound of her rhythmic, non-stressed breathing. In addition to the orofacial myology helping her breathing, Melody has changed in other positive ways as well. For the most part, she no longer snores. It used to be that her snoring was so loud you could hear her from a pretty good distance away. Melody used to be perpetually congested, even when she wasn’t sick. That is no longer the case! Melody used to have her little signature snort while awake. That is resolved. When she is teething she might drool a little more than your average teething baby, but substantially less than she did previously. All of her mouth muscles are so much stronger that she can now drink from a cup!

Sandra told us that this treatment tends to help to develop a proper palate which will allow her teeth to fit more normally. That is happening as well.

Sandra, I hope you are training others to do what you do. You could change the landscape of the Trisomy 18 world. I realize convincing doctors of this is an uphill battle. As you know, Melody’s doctor dismissed it as “hocus pocus”. But the numbers don’t lie.

I am happy to share Melody’s story with anyone who could use it to further disseminate knowledge about what you do. If we can be a part of helping even one family get the help they need for their baby, we would be honored.

With love,

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